Teams to Look Out For in the Upcoming Season 4 League of Legends

With each region wrapping up their division, it’s getting to that time of year where the world championship tournament for the popular eSport League of Legends is about to take place. Held in South Korea at the World Cup stadium, teams from all over the world are still trying to qualify and win the championship cup to be considered the best in the world. Even though some of these teams haven’t even qualified for the tournament, be sure to look out for them in the near future.


Get Ready For The World Championship Tournament

Get Ready For The World Championship Tournament

Alliance just formed earlier this year, was considered by most as the super team in Europe. Comprised of several stars on former teams, they were considered a huge threat coming into their first split. Going 16-12 during the spring split and taking fourth in the playoffs, needless to say it wasn’t what they were planning. In the summer split, they finally learned how to play together properly, as well as adding coaches to help with their training, they went 21-7 and took first place from the fan favorite team Fnatic. Going 3-1 and destroying anyone in their path, this team looks to make an impression at the world championships.

Samsung Galaxy Blue

The first team from Korea to make it into the world championship bracket, taking second in the OGN summer 2014. With their mid laner Dade quickly becoming one of the best in the world, beating their sister team Samsung Galaxy White easily 3-1. Even though they lost the finals to KT Rolster Arrows, they are poised to be a threat to any team in the upcoming tournament.

SK Telecom T1 K

 Look For SK Telecom & T1 K On the Board

Look For SK Telecom & T1 K On the Board

Even though the season 3 champions haven’t even qualified yet, they will – it’s just a matter of time. Already winning the All Star break this year against teams that they may see in the tournament, and having the best mid laner in the game, you can never count them out. Going undefeated in OGN winter 2014, they suffered quite a few setbacks in OGN summer 2014. Know that they were also not known at all going into season 3, but with Faker and the rest of the team dominating the rest of the world, they made themselves a name. Coming into season 4, everyone is writing them off, but don’t be surprised if they once again pull a huge upset.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming is quickly on the rise in North America. They have one of the best, if not the best, coach in Montecristo, known for commentating all the OGN Korea games, he follows their strategies better than anyone. With newcomer Seraph in the top lane, and widely considered best AD carry in Doublelift, they are ready to make the move and become the best team in the world. Recently skipping out on the last week on the North American summer split, they went over to South Korea for a week to train against the best players in the world. Coming back home just in time for the playoffs, we will see if all that training and hard work will pay off in the end.