Pros and Cons of Going Pescatarian

The Pescatarian Diet is one of the most popular ones these days, and it’s no wonder. It has a catchy name, and is easy to follow. It also allows you to still eat poultry and fish, which is a real motivation for some people who find it too hard to go strictly vegetarian. Cutting out all red meats will help you lose weight fast, while still being allowed to eat meat helps you keep your energy levels high. That being said, like with every diet this one has its faults as well. Check out this article and our list of pros and cons to help decide if this diet is right for you.

Refined Foods

There Are Plenty Recipes If You Are Thinking about Going Pescatarian

There Are Plenty Recipes If You Are Thinking about Going Pescatarian

One of the best parts about this diet is the food. You can make a lot of delicious vegetarian or seafood/poultry options to your favorite red meat recipes, and you’ll feel healthier because of it. These more natural and less fatty foods will cleanse your body and help you feel clean and pure. They also boost your energy levels and keep your arteries from getting clogged, unlike red meat. Go out to as many markets as you can to get fresh ingredients, too, and try a variety of different meals to figure out what you like best. This diet doesn’t have so many rules so much as it has foods you should cut out, so certain meals aren’t out of the question like they would be with other diets. Here are some pescatarian recipe ideas.

Fast Weight Loss

Most people who practice this diet do so because it has a history of helping its followers lose weight fast. This is one of those diets where you have the weight falling off you like it’s nothing without completely draining your energy or starving the weight off you. You can still eat plenty, so long as you stick to the diet regulations. This method also helps you keep the weight off because this is a diet plan that could be permanent, and not a fast one that relies on food substitutes and pills. You build healthy eating habits rather than just losing weight that you won’t keep off, so you can enjoy being fit for life.

Few Food Options

Cleanse Your Body While Eating Delicious Food

Cleanse Your Body While Eating Delicious Food

While you have options if you’re cooking for yourself, any time you cut out meat of any sort you limit yourself when it comes to outings with friends or going to friends’ houses. You can’t have red meat at all, and you also can’t have any products made of these meats. Most of your friends will understand, but it does make you a bit of a drag at times. If you’re fine with being the person at the party who has to have a very specific diet, then it’s fine. Other people get nervous when they have to inconvenience others, so this diet wouldn’t be for you. At any rate, you could prepare your own food to take over places, which means a lot more effort for you.

Nutrient Deficiencies

As with any diet that involves cutting out meat, you’re going to lose out on some key nutrients that you would have been getting if you had stuck to eating red meat. You can pay for pills to cover up for the deficiencies, but that gets expensive. This diet isn’t a cheap one, even if you know where to shop for your food ingredients. Be sure to budget the cost of vitamins into your monthly allowance, and see if you can still afford it. Letting yourself become malnourished can end up with you in the hospital or potentially getting very sick, so you have to be sure to keep your vitamin levels up so that you don’t end up in the hospital.