Perks to Going Raw

The raw foods diet is a form of veganism that has even vegans raising their eyebrows. Under this diet you don’t cook any of your food; you can chop, sliver, mix and match, but everything on your plate has to be fresh from the garden or local organic produce market, no exceptions. While some branches like to argue about whether or not it’s okay for chemical cooking processes like vinegar soaking to happen or not, most agree that the dangerous element in cooking your food is the heat. So, with that in mind, let’s turn up the heat on the raw foods diet and see what some of the perks are for choosing to live this way.

Spend Less Time Cooking

Eating Consciously Is Important. Start A Raw Diet

Eating Consciously Is Important. Start A Raw Diet

One of the biggest perks of going raw is also the most obvious: you save a ton of time. Instead of having to prep and cook your food, you now only have to prep. If you’re an on the go professional trying to hold your life together between working from the office and working from home, this can be a godsend. You don’t have to spend an hour making dinner anymore. A few artfully chopped vegetables and an assortment of fruits and you’re well on your way out the door.

Focus on Eating Consciously

Eating consciously is one of the campaigns to stop mindless eating and promote mindful eating; that is, considering every bite that goes into your body, whether you need it, and what it’s going to give you in terms of nutrition. A raw foods diet encourages this because every raw foods vegan (and every vegan) needs to practice mindful eating to be sure that they’re getting enough protein and other vital nutrients. If you’re already eating this way you might as well make it part of your personal philosophy.

Really Taste Your Food

No More Cooking... Go Raw

No More Cooking… Go Raw

When you get rid of all the super heavy flavors that are prevalent in cooked food you can reset your tastebuds. After six months without processed sugar, that apple is going to taste as sweet to you as a piece of apple pie tastes to you today. All you have to do is let the flavors of your food rise up, undamaged by heat and undaunted by your efforts to chop them up small enough to make an interesting salad.

Organic and Local Matter More

Eat Organic And Local

Eat Organic And Local

When you’re trying to live a sustainable life, going raw makes sense. It emphasizes picking out an all organic and local way to obtain your produce. It’s a lot harder for you to get fresh milk, eggs, and meat delivered to your door. If you’re trying to become a better person through the art of veganism then going raw is the next logical step. Besides, when food is uncooked you notice every bruise you’ve ever complained about. Suddenly you have a lot more compassion for the person who had to hear you complain about everything; it’s not their fault that organic tomatoes really are that fragile.

Much More Fiber in Your Diet

Not to be crude, but it can be a rough couple of transition days for the person who isn’t used to having all this fiber in their diet. Click Here For The Effects Of To Much Fiber In Your Diet That’s why it’s important to start on days when you don’t have to impress anyone. All the fiber is going to be great for you down the line, but it can make it pretty hard to handle yourself there for a few days, until you do.

Lots More Vitamins Going in

And lastly, you should see all the vitamins you fill your body with every time you bite a bell pepper. The nutrients don’t get all cooked out on a raw diet.