Getting Over E.D. and Satisfying Your Partner

Many men suffer from E.D., or erectile dysfunction. While it’s more common in men over 40-years-old, there are some younger generations that report that they also have issues keeping it up. Even without knowing the signs, most guys can tell when something isn’t working right down there. There’s not a surefire way to “cure” E.D., but there are definitely ways to treat the problems that come with it. Getting over erectile dysfunction will take effort, but even so the satisfaction that you and your partner will get will make it all worth it in the end. To figure out what will help you and to learn some tips about keeping her satisfied along the way, keep reading.

The All Natural Route

Is Something Not Working Right Down There?

Is Something Not Working Right Down There?

Not all guys are okay with shoveling random medicine into their bodies. In that case you’ll find that there are natural remedies that you can pursue. These tend to be more experimental just because they aren’t always tested out with large trials. Some find success with them, though, so many still try it out. Homeopathic practitioners can give you the best idea of what would work for your specific case, but the most common treatments are an herbal form of the popular over-the-counter medicine Viagra, acupuncture, and other herbal remedies like Korean red ginseng. Again, be sure to consult with a doctor and homeopathic practitioner before you put any of this in your body.

The acupuncture route has had many more success stories than the non-tested herbal remedies, but it isn’t for everyone. A professional acupuncturist pokes tiny needles into various places of your body and it relates to the problem that you’re having. Many people report that it can stop a smoker faster than quitting any other way, so it may be worth a shot for you.


|Maybe A Penis Pumps Is What You And Your Partner Need

Maybe A Penis Pumps Is What You And Your Partner Need

Penis pumps are a popular way to try and get some hardness going in the groin area. A penis pump is a large cylinder that you insert your man-parts into and then, when it’s created a seal against your body, you use the pump at the end. The suction creates an erection by getting all the blood into the right places and then you place a ring around your base so that the blood can’t flow out. Some men take it a step further and actually get an implant to solve their problem. The testicle holds a pump that leads to a balloon-type rod in your penis. Pump the teste and you’ll have an erection in no time. If you’re interested in one of these talk to your doctor. It does work for many, but again you should always consult a professional first.


Drugs Do Not Always Fix The Problem

Drugs Do Not Always Fix The Problem

Doctors can also prescribe popular prescription drugs to help your body create an erection. There are quite a few out there that range from pills to injections, so finding the right one for your body is key. All of these prescriptions have effects on your body, both good and bad. When you’re considering going this route, research even more what method you choose. The pills and injections can both have detrimental side-effects like fluctuation of weight, diarrhea, heart problems, etc. These aren’t guaranteed to happen, but they could.

Keeping Her Satisfied

Your partner, male or female, will understand that you’re going through something right now. They know that you’re frustrated just as much as they are, if not more so. Take that burden off of your mind now. Good, instead of worrying about what you can’t do for them, think about what you can do. Oral and manual are always options. While most people think of them in terms of foreplay, there’s no reason that you can’t completely satisfy them by these same means. Make sure that you take your time and really get into it. For some men that’s enough to start helping them toward getting over E.D. by itself. Practicing patience, muscle control, and relieving the mind of stress can be a great combination to treat the issue.