4 Steps to Getting Your Email Inbox Under Control

Take a moment to think back twenty years or so. What was the most common way for people to send communications between one another? The answer, of course, is regular old postal mail, or snail mail. Nowadays, though, that has changed and in a big way. Not having an email address is now seen as unusual, whereas before the reverse was true. With so much of our communications being done over email these days, it’s no surprise that many of us have also lost control over what our inboxes look like. Emails and newsletters pile up until you can’t see out from underneath them! What can you do?

Get Your Inbox In Shape

Get Your Inbox In Shape

You’ve got to take your inbox the horns and get control of it again. You need to be able to see what you’re doing so you can spot the emails that are actually important for you to read. Otherwise, you’re going to risk being in a situation where you miss something vital that causes a big problem in your life. Is that what you want to happen? If not, read on. We’ve got the tips and tricks that will make it much easier for you to wrestle your inbox back into a manageable state.

Start by Unsubscribing From Email Newsletters

Before you can even begin the real process of decluttering your inbox, you’re going to have to stem the tide of emails that are coming into it. Chances are, part of why your email is so out of control is because you get a ton of emails that you don’t even want to read. More often than not, those emails are newsletters from websites that you chose to sign up for. However, you never even open them. That means that you need to identify all of the newsletters you are subscribed to so that you can undo that. Once you have unsubscribed from all those unnecessary emails, you can tackle the real problems plaguing your inbox.

Delete All the Mail You Don’t Want

Delete All Unwanted  Mail

Delete All Unwanted Mail

Now that you’ve shut off the tap, it’s time to start mopping up the mess that’s been left behind. Start figuring out which emails you no longer want or need, and then delete them. While it might seem like it’s going to take a while to delete everything that you don’t want, it’s going to be worth it. By leaving behind just what’s important, you are already well on your way to completing the task you’ve set out for yourself. Don’t be stingy or picky. Delete as many emails as you can to free up space and get rid of the clutter.

Archive the Emails That Are Important

What are you going to do with all of those emails that you want to keep because you can’t see yourself deleting them? You’re going to have a number of very important emails to keep safe as well. In those cases, you’re going to want to use the archive feature of your mail client to take care of them. This retains a copy of the emails, but keeps them out of your main inbox. Out of sight, out of mind! Now you’ll be able to actually tell the old emails from the news ones!

Stay On Top of It in the Future

Make A Habit Of Cleaning Up Your Inbox

Make A Habit Of Cleaning Up Your Inbox

Cleaning up your inbox like this is a lot of hard work. Not only that, but it’s also quite tedious work. There just isn’t much interesting about it. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it done. Once you’ve done it once, you shouldn’t ever have to do it again. Cleaning up your inbox is the kind of thing you only need to do one time because it serves as the basis for the creation of a habit. Make it a habit to organize your emails regularly. Remember, don’t clog it up again with a ton of useless emails and newsletters you don’t even want!