3 Zombie Games You Will Never Grow Tired Of

Left-4-DeadZombies. The genre has been growing at an alarming rate over the last couple of years with no decline in sight. But honestly how much can you honestly milk out of this idea? Zombie movies should be beginning to lose their edge what with the same old plot lines and devices being used over and over again. How many times can producers take the same idea and make it different? The same goes with video games. How many zombie-esque video games can be produced before the plot line goes stale and there is no more original material to work with? AMCs “The Walking Dead” has shown us that there is much more to exploit from this tired genre and has continued to have viewers on the edge of their seats for five seasons now. Much like the classic movies such as “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead” video game producers have put something into their zombie stories that keeps gamers coming back for more. Three zombie games in particular will continue to have gamers purchase their sequels while continuing to swear by the older versions of the game.

Left 4 Dead

With two games currently released under this title and a third in the works, Left 4 Dead has continued to pull the gaming audience into its world with ease by coming up with new challenges and scares. Left 4 Dead features first person shooter type game play and allows you to take control of one of four survivors. Game play is semi typical in the way of having to gather supplies such as med packs, bullets, and weaponry, however the game does change it up by allowing players to collect other special items. Special items that can be used in the game include molotovs, which set infected on fire, adrenaline shots, which allow your selected character to move faster for a short period of time, and blinking pipe bombs, which catch the infected attention and draw them away from you.

Dead Island.

If You Love Zombie Games... Dead Island Is Your Game

If You Love Zombie Games… Dead Island Is Your Game

Dead Island currently has 3 games in the series and offers gamers an open world type playing field. This game is played from a first person perspective and has 5 different story lines that you can chose from. With that many different game play options its hard to imagine the game getting stale. On top of the games main story line it also offers side quests that the player can complete in order to receive special items and XP to level up their character. Once the character levels up they gain health and stamina. Dead Island also offers the player the option of weapon customization. This means that if the player finds an item that they would like to attach their character to they have the option of making this weapon last longer. Weapons can be upgraded a total of three times and can also be modified to give them special features. With this many story lines and customization options its hard to think that one could think that this game would get old.

Dead Rising.

Dead Rising Is  Another Great Game

Dead Rising Is Another Great Game

Dead Rising currently has two games released and another game in the works. This is another open world type game play and takes place in a matter of 3 days. Dead Rising was created as a sandbox type game which means that the ending of the game depends on decisions that the player makes throughout their time. There are multiple out comes based on just this alone. The player has the option of several different main quests to complete and there are several side quests that are available as well. This game features many different enemies that range not only from the swarms of zombies that are attacking you but also to people that have lost their minds in the impending apocalypse and want nothing more than to see you dead. Because there are so many different outcomes to this game and so many different main quests to play it isnt likely that one would grow tired of playing this game.

As long as developers continue to stay on their toes with what gamers want to see happen with their zombies they should be able to continue to milk this genre for all its worth. And there is no way that these three zombie games will ever become a back seat to anything new coming out in the future.