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When you’re in your early 20s, you’re either in college or fresh from it, which can leave you pretty terribly confused when it comes to money. In fact, it would be really amazing if there could be someone around in every 20-something year old’s life to give them some quick pieces of advice before they… Read Article →

Are you in a relationship? How long have you been together? If it’s been a while, then you might be having a bit of a dry spell. It definitely happens in relationships. You get too used to each other, take each other for granted, and the romance dries up. When the romance goes then the… Read Article →

Going to the gym is not everyone’s thing. For some people it’s just the infinitely better option as opposed to going outside and working out in the elements. Sometimes they don’t like the place, sometimes they just don’t like working out. Whatever it is, the gym can get stale eventually. The reason carries a lot… Read Article →

One of the first things we notice about someone’s appearance is their hair. The health and beauty of a person’s hair can often be a subconscious contributor to the impression we form of that person. Oily hair may be taken as an indication that you lack proper hygiene or are lazy, even though this is… Read Article →

Take a moment to think back twenty years or so. What was the most common way for people to send communications between one another? The answer, of course, is regular old postal mail, or snail mail. Nowadays, though, that has changed and in a big way. Not having an email address is now seen as… Read Article →

Small business owners make a lot of mistakes. It’s part of running your own company. Over the course of making all these decisions you’re going to run into some things that you’d handle differently with five, ten, or even two more years of experience under your belt. One of the things that people most consistently… Read Article →

Owning and operating your very own restaurant is a dream that quite a lot of people have. After all, it’s a very romantic idea to think about. You’ll be making food, which is a labor of love, and making people happy with it. At the same time, you’ll be able to make money throughout the… Read Article →

The raw foods diet is a form of veganism that has even vegans raising their eyebrows. Under this diet you don’t cook any of your food; you can chop, sliver, mix and match, but everything on your plate has to be fresh from the garden or local organic produce market, no exceptions. While some branches… Read Article →

In an ever-evolving marketplace, it’s important to have a recognizable brand that stands out amongst the madness and garners customer recognition and loyalty. The most successful companies thrive on brand recognition and the notion that you will pay more for your favorite brands and support them once they have your loyalty. Having a brand implies… Read Article →

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